Forest Trees

We accept self referrals, GP referrals and occupational and health referrals.

The following health insurers are accepted:


Vitality Health



A GP referral is not required to access the service.

Initial appointment

Following either sending an email, or requesting to speak to describe your circumstances, you will be offered an initial appointment. This initial appointment lasts up to 70 minutes. During this appointment we will discuss some of the difficulties and issues that have brought you to therapy, and how we may work together to help you. During this appointment we will collaborate a plan about how best to work forward, and if you believe that your psychologist is a good fit with you.

Subsequent appointments

Following the initial appointment and contracting, subsequent appointments are 50 minutes. These sessions will generally be either weekly or fortnightly and will often take place face-to-face, although if agreed, skype and telephone therapy may be utilised if this is something that you request. During therapy it is important that we are often working towards meeting your needs, and helping you, and so frequent reviews will enable both the therapist and you to review progress and re-formulate if required.

There are times when there are a number of professionals who may be involved in your care (such as educational providers, social care, GP’s, psychiatrists, etc), and your therapist will be happy to work in partnership with other professionals, with your consent.

Therapeutic process

Sometimes throughout the therapeutic process, we might consider leaving therapy (because of the difficult emotions evoked / because of previous patterns of behaviours / defences being evoked). During this time both your commitment and my commitment would be especially important. I think that the therapy relationship can be of richness, depth and is special and so during this time I will that you are able to bring the whole of you into our therapy space where we may explore your ways of relating and being in the world.



Feeling safe and contained is paramount to the therapeutic work that is offered and so all sessions are confidential. This means that if you are 16 and over and have self-referred your therapist will be happy to see you without a guardian, and if you are under the age of 16, we would ask that parents/ carers are involved in the therapy. There are some reasons where confidentiality would not be upheld.

This includes:

  • If you are harming yourself and there is imminent risk to your life

  • If someone else was harming you

  • If you may be harming someone else

  • We would discuss how best we may inform a supportive other, and would discuss this collaboratively with you where possible, to come up with a solution together