Some of the difficulties clients have sought help for have included:

low mood | depression | anxiety | ADHD | Autism Spectrum Disorder | self confidence issues | relationship issues | trauma | child sexual abuse | emotional abuse | physical abuse | financial abuse | domestic violence | low self esteem | obsessions | fear of being alone | obsessive and compulsive disorder | bullying | discrimination | racism | work related stress | bipolar | post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) | dissociation | difficulties with emotional regulation and self soothing | diagnosis of borderline / personality disorder | feelings of emptiness | separation | divorce | self-harm |sleep difficulties | existential worries | fear of flying | fear of death | fear of commitment | addictions | worries | life transitions | loss | bereavement | dissociative identity disorder | sexuality | religion | spirituality | loneliness | stage fright | personal growth | professional growth

Courage starts with showing up and

letting ourselves be seen - Brené Brown

*Some people may find it helpful to talk about their difficulties in terms of a diagnosis, and this may help them to make sense of their distress. For some people, diagnoses may be counterproductive and may further stigmatise the array of feelings they may experience. Whatever your preference, our commitment to you is to offer safety and containment during the therapy process, where you are not judged and supported to explore how you may understand some of your difficulties (if you wish) in a way which will support you during this journey.

Whilst I have experience in a wide range of difficulties and specialisms, it is my experience that some people may require a more intensive service and if we find that this is the case, with your consent, I will support a referral to the most appropriate service.

Other services offered:

Medico-legal assessments and reports

Clinical Supervision